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Welcome to Alfa Metal. We build quality ladders by using aircraft grade aluminum and we employ a redundant design philosophy. If ever one component should fail, the other component compensates. This gives you confidence that your projects will be completed in the safest possible way when your ladder is new and years to come.

Multi-task Ladders are quickly becoming the most popular ladders sold because of their strength and versatility. MIGHTY MULTI ladders by Alfa Metal are designed with aircraft aluminum, our twin pin locking hinge have machined steel cores. Each ladder rung is fastened to the frame with riveted chromium brackets, then they are MIG welded to the frame for strength, durability and longevity. We use slip resistant rungs & feet for added stability. With Mighty Multi Ladders you get the versatility of a step ladder, stairway ladder, wall hugging ladder, straight extension ladder and scaffold. All of these in a lightweight compact design for easy transportation and storage. Easily converts to up to 38 different positions without the use of any tools.

Our aircraft like redundant design philosophy is manufactured into every ladder we make. This means, when it comes to long term stability and safety, if ever one component fails the other component will compensate.





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