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The Mighty-Multi AMT PRO Series are manufactured and tested to the highest duty rating that the American national standards institute (ANSI) has for ladders which is Type 1AA , extra heavy duty rated at 375 pounds.

We incorporate the same attention to detail in the construction of the pro series as we do in the AMT series, such as, all-aluminum hinges with dual locking pins, cast aluminum steel reinforced J-locks, posi-shift hinge knobs, full span rungs and chrome plated riveted rung brackets that are also welded. Cast aluminum J-locks with steel reinforced rods inserted in the castings for extra strength and rigidity for the most demanding pro.

For the AMT Pro series, we add heavy wall aircraft aluminum extrusions, so they are mega-strong all while while maintaining portability.

Mighty-Multi AMT Pro ladders are reliable super duty ladders that are made for tough jobs. The Mighty-Multi AMT Pro series is our most rugged range of multi- task ladders.

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