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Three-Step Step Stool


If the majority of step stools are purchased by women, why are most of them dull, heavy and generally uncomfortable to use?  Our Designer Series step stools have been built to solve these age old problems.  


We believe the Designer Series Step Stools are simply the finest ever made!  Extremely lightweight, soft and comfortable Gripping Points, and Rubber Trim.  But wait until you fold it up for storage because its so skinny!

Available in: White, Teal, Green, Red, Black, Silver








Three Step Step Ladder

Aircraft Grade Color Coated Aluminium

  • Lightweight Aircraft Grade Aluminium

  • Stable One Step Construction

  • Super-Slim Folding Design

  • Wide Tread for Comfort & Safety

  • Non-Slip Feet to Protect Flooring


Rating: 225 lb.


Height Reach: 7.5 ft


Dimensions: W 29.97″ / D 17.91″ / H 48.43″


Weight: 9.92 lb.

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