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The benchmark for multi-task ladders is the Mighty-Multi AMT Series. We build in
quality into each ladder by using aircraft grade aluminum and then, just as aircraft
manufacturers do, we employ a redundant design philosophy such as; rungs that are
both migwelded, then bracketed and riveted to the frame. Our all-aluminum hinges
with dual locking pins also incorporates this redundancy, for if one pin fails the other is
there as a backup. Similarly, the cast aluminum steel reinforced J-locks accomplish this same “backup” .

When we conduct the ANSI testing protocol, we load and test each ladder with one
J-Lock unlocked, just in case, one were ever to fail. All these features are designed to
give years of dependable and reliable service. The AMT series offers anti-slip feet made
from virgin material, posi-shift hinge knobs, “Full Span Width” rungs, and chrome plated
brackets. We build quality into every ladder by focusing on superior components. All
AMT models are designed to be lightweight for easy transportation and storage. This
product is tool-less which makes for easy conversions up to 38 different positions.

The Mighty-Multi AMT series is designed with discerning users in mind, whether you are a
professional or just a person that prefers professional products when there is a job to
get done, you will applaud the Mighty-Multi AMT series multi-task Ladders.

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